Wednesday, November 19, 2008

October 23, 2008

HDTV - Day going well so far.

Last night was pretty fun. BJ and I hauled ass to St. Louis to see the Electric Six at Fubar, a little punk bar that plays bands. Good place. Beers are reasonably priced and the space is perfect for bands like the Six.

The first guy to go on was a hoot-and-a-half; totally made up for the yawn of a second act, a some-how popular Chicago act called Local H. More on them later. Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship, I think, is a one man electro/dance sensation. He wore an American flag halter top, an American flag head band, and stars-and-stripes hot pants. Steven Colbert and Shawn Michaels held the fort down, stage right and left respectively, which complimented his spangled arm bands. His first song summed up his performance entirely - "Awesome". A sample of the man's awesomeness: "I am awesome/You are awesome/And we are totally awesome/Woo!" I forgot to mention another part of his ensemble. When he took an aside for drinks of water, he drank out of a plastic fuel can. Yes, he is awesome.

His love of wrestling was very apparent throughout his show. After the first song, he had the audience stand aside so he could run and dance up and down the room. The cat's got some smooth moves. He would snuggle with girls, spit water on unsuspecting pedestrians, and smell whoever was within his proximity. That during his song "You Smell GoooooooD". He did a great job with just a computer and calories. I bet his records are good for a giggle from time to time, but his live show is where its at. I will definitely keep my eyes and ears open for him in the future.

The second band was a two-man outfit called Local H. They are an Illinois underground phenomenon, apparently. Being from Chicago, they have a rabid fan base. BJ even said he could see them headlining the show. When the guitarist was tuning up, he was making cracks against Jared Leto and wondering how many bands list 30 Seconds To Mars as an influence these days. After a few moments of them playing, it became apparent to me that the guy was a fucking hypocrite.

Man they were boring. If I walked outside and asked someone what year it was a they told me it was 1999, I wouldn't have been surprised. I have heard their brand of rawk before and I didn't like it then, so I'll certainly not like it now. Therapy (?) was good for a spell, as were Helmet, but that was fifteen years ago. Yawn. I spent their whole set in the bar next door drinking Pabst and holding the ladies' room door closed while ladies took the piss. How gentlemanly. The crowd seemed to go ape-shit for them - BJ said everyone up front knew every single word to every song - but I was simply bored. Give me something new gents, then I'll give you my attention.

Electric Six, on the other hand, were quite electric. I get very excited seeing a band play very well. It reassures me that music is the best. And the Six were the best last night. They were mostly stone-faced, but the fun came out in the performance and the precision of their delivery. They never missed a beat. I didn't recognize every song, but every song was fun. Definitely worth some investment.

Speaking of boring music, I hate modern country.

- Later -

It's cold and rainy. I had to load assist twice, the first time being the worst. This woman loaded four cart-fulls of goods into her car. Items included: an air compressor (which had to be taken out of the box to fit in the front seat), a weed whacker, and two saw horses.

- Even Later -

In a nutshell, I got cold and wet, neither of which behoove me. It's been raining for the last ten hours as a matter of fact. That's heavy duty Octoberitis. I need to go to sleep, but I'm left with one final decision. I've already listened to "Answering Machine" by the Replacements, I simply need to determine if I should turn my fan on for noise or listen to the rain. I've always found an easiness in the sound of rain, wind, and stormy weather at night around bedtime. Ideally, Christy would be here and we'd fall asleep together listening to the rain. A lovely moment for sure. Right now, I am sublime in my singularity. No where else I'd rather be than by myself right here, or right here, by myself, depending on which English language you're using.

Electric Six: remember that.

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Shut your pie hole Local H is awesome.